Seeing Machines delivers first order of new driver monitoring system

Seeing Machines announced that it has received the first order for its new Seeing Machines Fleet product, a driver monitoring system designed for trucks and buses that provides drivers and supervisors with real-time notification when drivers are fatigued or distracted.

Seeing Machines launched the Fleet product in the United States in late April at the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) Annual Conference in Cincinnati and is now following through on the large number of positive sales leads generated through the conference. Seeing Machines’ outsourced manufacturing partner began production of the Fleet product in mid-May.

The first order for 750 units came from its distributor Insurance Underwriting Managers (IUM) in South Africa, an insurance underwriter that focuses on the commercial fleet market in that country. IUM is offering the Fleet product to its customers with an expectation that driver behaviour will improve, reducing accidents and associated insurance costs.