1. Route planning

In August, 2013, Poolsure began to use a suite of integrated applications from Telogis. One of the apps, RouteCloud, automatically builds optimal routes for the hundreds of job orders that come into Poolsure every day, Falik says.

Telogis offers all of its telematics, routing and mobile applications through a software-as-a service platform.Telogis offers all of its telematics, routing and mobile applications through a software-as-a service platform.

RouteCloud integrates with the company’s ERP system to receive delivery orders and create optimal routes to reduce cost and maximize service. The route plans are dispatched to drivers using a Telogis mobile app that includes turn-by-turn navigation.

RouteCloud receives real-time updates on jobs as they are completed through the telematics and data entered into mobile forms by drivers, giving dispatchers central visibility as routes progress.

“Now we have up-to-the-minute information of exactly what is on our trucks,” he says. “This has driven us to really be able to offer an advantage to our customers.”

The integrated routing platform also gets information from water testing devices that Poolsure installs in its customers’ pools. When the devices detect a situation where pools are in need of immediate service, they communicate wirelessly to RouteCloud, which can then locate and schedule the best truck to make a delivery on the same day or next day, depending on the need.

Upon delivering orders, Poolsure sends an immediate notification to customers and is now in the process of implementing another Telogis app to give customers advance delivery notifications and ETAs as the day progresses.

“If you are proactively responding to your customers, it is truly a game changer,” he says.

Falik says he personally uses RouteCloud to analyze the route costs of the business and to do what-if analysis for daily and long-term planning. He attributes the growth to the service advantage that Poolsure is able to offer to customers because of the technology.

Poolsure today has 130 employees and operates a fleet of 60 delivery trucks that transports 10 million gallons of bleach every year to more than 6,000 delivery points across the Southeastern United States.

Since August, 2013, sales have increased by 26 percent and earnings are up 55 percent.

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“There is nobody our size in the pool business,” he says. “We’ve been able to capitalize on our efficiencies and our technologies and really take that industry by storm.”

2. Mobile connectivity

3. Final mile routing

4. Integrated navigation

5. App ecosystem