Magellan adds Return to Route feature for commercial navigation

MiTAC Digital Corporation, manufacturer of the Magellan ( brand of portable GPS navigation devices, announced the development of a Return to Route (RTR) technology specifically for commercial fleet services where it is important that a single stop is never missed, such as school and public transport buses, sanitation disposal services, pickup and delivery services, and snowplows.

RTR quickly re-routes a driver back to the original point where they left a pre-planned route, ensuring they include every stop. Fleet operators can deploy new or temporary drivers with greater confidence that 100 percent of a route’s stops will be completed, even if unexpected road conditions are encountered, the company says.

“There is a substantial segment within the fleet industry where it is essential that drivers make every stop, no matter the road conditions.  In the U.S. alone there are over 470,000 school buses and 70,000 municipal buses in addition to sanitation collection trucks, snowplows and other vehicles,” commented Stig Pedersen, associate vice president of product management for Magellan. “Our new Return to Route technology ensures fleet drivers of all industries no longer need to worry about finding their way back to a missed stop in the event of unexpected road conditions.”

How It Works

Import a pre-defined route to a Magellan Fleet Navigation device, and if the driver deviates from the current route segment, Magellan navigation will re-route them back to the point from which the route was deviated. The upcoming stops will not be skipped and no interaction is required to initiate re-routing, ensuring safe and trouble-free navigation for the driver.


The Return to Route technology is available on the Magellan RoadMate RC9496T-LMB, other Ruggedized Fleet navigation devices and with Magellan’s fleet navigation software for Android devices.  Additional information about Magellan’s commercial navigation products is available at