Flagger Force sees incident damage costs in fleet drop 33 percent with SmartDrive

SmartDrive transmits critical video and event data to the office for review by fleet managers in near real time.SmartDrive transmits critical video and event data to the office for review by fleet managers in near real time.

SmartDrive Systems, a provider of video-based driver performance systems that reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, announced that customer Flagger Force has reduced its incident damage costs by 33 percent as a result of implementing SmartDrive.

The SmartDrive program is used for both new hires and existing drivers. In addition to achieving lower damage costs per mile, SmartDrive-equipped vehicles support Flagger Force employees’ advancement along the company’s defined career path.

Based in the Mid-Atlantic region, Flagger Force is one of the fastest-growing work zone safety companies in the nation. The company specializes in short-term traffic control services with 1,400 employees in the field and a fleet of 775 vehicles that serve as rolling advertisements for the brand.

SmartDrive allows fleet managers to monitor and coach new drivers to ensure they adhere to best practices and collaborate with veteran employees to reinforce effective habits.

“When we had 100 employees, I was concerned about their lives. Today, with well over 1,000, I continue to worry about the impact it would have if we lost a colleague or caused a catastrophic incident in the field,” stated Mike Doner, co-owner of Flagger Force. “SmartDrive’s safety program gives us peace of mind, not only because we know exactly what happened in each accident, but also because we can proactively identify high-risk situations and coach our drivers to improve performance before a collision occurs.”

Flagger Force uses SmartDrive footage to analyze incidents, exonerate drivers and as the basis for constructive conversations related to driving performance. Employees apply this information to their jobs on a daily basis, helping reduce the frequency and severity of accidents, while also attaining skills required as part of the company’s structured career development strategy.

“Mike and his team have done a remarkable job of seamlessly integrating the SmartDrive program into the fabric of their operation with impressive results,” stated Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “By reducing vehicle damage-related costs by one-third, Flagger Force proves that a focus on safety is great for the bottom line, and an investment in our video safety program delivers an immediate ROI.”