Portions of CSA’s carrier ranking system return to public view

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Updated Mar 13, 2016

csaalertAs it promised last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has updated the online portal of its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program to bring back to public view the raw data underpinning the BASIC percentile rankings and the so-called “absolute scores” within five of the seven BASICs.

Each carrier’s SMS profile now includes in its public view inspection and violation information and crash counts, among other data. BASICs that display each measure’s change over time, as shown in the chart to the right, include the Unsafe Driving, Hours of Service Compliance, Driver Fitness, Vehicle Maintenance and Controlled Substances categories. Measures in both the Crash Indicator and Hazardous Materials BASICs, as with the percentiles in those BASICs prior to passage of the FAST Act highway bill, remain unavailable to the public.

The agency had pulled this data from public view in December in the wake of the signing of the FAST Act, which called for the DOT to remove from public view the percentile rankings within the CSA Safety Measurement System and requires the agency to reform the program before returning the system to public view. The agency and its enforcers, however, may still use the data to target carriers for intervention.

The FAST Act also explicitly states the agency may retain the aforementioned data and absolute scores as publicly available.

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