Bernie Sanders says he’d work to ‘take trucks off the road’ with modern rail system if elected president

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Updated Mar 20, 2016
8. Back to the presidential campaign for a moment. Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders drew the ire of fleets and drivers alike when he said he’d work to “take trucks off the road” and replace them with a new rail system if he was elected president.

It’s unclear whether he meant all trucks or just some trucks, but speaking this weekend, presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, running as a Democrat, told a crowd of supporters the U.S. could do “incredible things” like building a rail system to “take trucks off the roads” if he’s elected president.

The video clip that surfaced this weekend offered little context on the matter, other than he couched it in terms of energy efficiency; the line about removing trucks from U.S. roadways came just after he said the U.S. should work to make buildings more energy efficient.

Take a listen for yourself:

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