Lockheed Martin ups investment in Vnomics


SONY DSCVnomics Corp.  announced that Lockheed Martin, an original investor, will further invest in the company and the development of its latest technology, True Fuel. As an original investor, Lockheed Martin was involved in early technology development at Vnomics and has deployed Vnomics’ on-vehicle analytics software framework, on which True Fuel was built, in advanced military applications.

“Vnomics is moving in the right direction and has great potential for growth in the transportation market,” said Alan Farnsworth, CEO at Vnomics. “To me, Lockheed Martin’s decision to further invest signals their satisfaction with the strides we’ve made in developing this technology as well as Vnomics’ prospects moving forward. Vnomics is on the right path toward providing a powerful combination of connected, embedded technology and mobile data for improving driver and vehicle performance.”

The new investment by Lockheed Martin will enable Vnomics to build on the success of its recently introduced True Fuel optimization system. Already in use by many fleets, the self-contained system combines machine learning with real-time driver coaching to improve fuel performance. The system is OEM-agnostic and can be used in conjunction with any telematics or onboard technology platform.