PrePass InfoRM data dashboard helps fleets improve inspection selection scores

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Updated Oct 4, 2016


Carriers who use PrePass now have a new tool to help them improve their safety scores by identifying and acting on their fleet’s safety trends. Called InfoRM, the dashboard provides fleets with data to help them understand what goes into the Inspection Selection System (ISS) scores enforcement agencies use to determine which trucks to inspect.

InfoRM identifies “the key issues putting a carrier’s trucks out of service or resulting in frequent citations by location – providing the carrier actionable data for addressing those concerns,” says Mark Doughty, vice president and chief operating officer of HELP.

For instance, if the topography of a certain area tends to make a truck go through brakes faster, then law enforcement assigned to that area may focus on brake checks, says Steve Vaughn, HELP’s National Director of Field Operations. “If a carrier sees that trend through InfoRM, they can perhaps change their brake maintenance practices or even modify a driver’s braking behavior,” he says.

While PrePass safety and bypass data has always been available to HELP’s 51,000 fleet customers, InfoRM aggregates all of that information into a user-friendly dashboard. The service, which is free to HELP customers, provides carriers with a company snapshot that includes:

  • An interactive map of truck inspection and violation locations by state, city and highway.
  • Search by VIN number, site, violation and equipment to identify clusters and trends.
  • Historical views of inspections and violations, with the ability to export data and integrate it into other fleet management tools.

“Fleets now have a tool that allows them to create a plan for immediate safety improvements,” says Doughty. “Carriers can clearly identify the issues that are adversely affecting their safety scores. These new data dashboards enable fleets to create awareness across their organization and facilitate changes in areas such as vehicle maintenance and driver behavior.”

“Fleets spend an inordinate amount of time chasing data and providing it to various audiences, internal or external,” says Drew Anderson, InfoRM product manager. “Being able to compile disparate data from many sources and present it is what InfoRM does.”

PrePass determines a carrier’s ability to bypass a weigh station based in part on a fleet’s Inspection Selection System score determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The score is derived from crash, inspection and driver history data and safety management experience.