SunteckTTS deploying Transflo Telematics in owner-operator fleet

Pegasus TransTech released the new Transflo Telematics platform in partnership with Geotab.Pegasus TransTech released the new Transflo Telematics platform in partnership with Geotab.

Pegasus TransTech, a provider of enterprise mobility, telematics, and business process automation for the transportation industry, announced that it has signed and implemented Sunteck / TTS Holdings as the launch customer of its next generation Transflo Telematics system.

SunteckTTS is the operating name of the recently merged Sunteck Inc. and TTS companies. It is one of the largest multimodal, agent-based freight management service providers in the United States with a combined fleet of more than 1,500 trucks.

The company has implemented the Transflo electronic logging device (ELD) and telematics portal with the extended workday management functionality of Transflo Mobile.

“By combining telematics and mobile in one platform, we are redefining the role of technology in our business operations,” shared Sean Clancy, chief information officer of SunteckTTS. “We are activating the full telematics and mobile feature set within the Transflo mobile app, and we’re pleased that the ELD unit itself is simply plug and play. Our agent dispatchers and drivers now have better tools to manage their workday.”

Professional drivers for SunteckTTS will have the ability to access hours of service and electronic log modules together with load management, document capture, weather overlays, and dispatch chat features. The combined app allows SunteckTTS to configure the experience, providing drivers with access to critical information at any time. The ease of installation and use is expected to save SunteckTTS thousands of hours in installation, implementation, and training.

“SunteckTTS is an active member of our Transflo mobile advisory group and is an early adopter of technology-driven solutions,” stated Frank Adelman, president and chief executive officer of Pegasus TransTech. “They provided important insights from beta testing all the way through to live deployments, and we continue to add new units throughout their fleet.”

Transflo Telematics is packaged for fleets of all sizes and offers an affordable system that is competitive with traditional, high-end telematics systems.