EROAD adds speed alerts to fleet management system

EROAD screen viewEROAD, a global technology provider of fleet management, electronic tax reporting and ELD compliance systems for the transportation industry, announced Max Speed Alert, a new feature that supports safe driving.

“Max Speed Alert provides notifications of excessive speeding so safety and fleet managers can take swift action to protect drivers, the public, and their business,” said Gail Levario, vice president strategy and market development at EROAD. “This new capability will enable them to modify driver behavior by encouraging them through coaching to manage speed and stay in compliance with speed limits at all times.”

With Max Speed Alert, users can set the speed that triggers an alert for different assets. For example, notifications can be set to allow higher or lower maximum speed limits on different vehicle types. The email notifications include location, date, vehicle and driver details for each excessive speed event.

A Max Speed Alert is triggered when a vehicle travels above the pre-determined speed based on a comparison with up-to-date posted speed limits from EROAD’s third party mapping software provider.

In addition to Max Speed Alert notifications, excessive speed events are noted on an Over Speed Dashboard in Driver Insight reports through its web portal.