Web-based Aljex Software for brokers adds document management feature

Fullsizeoutput 495 2017 01 31 12 30Aljex Software, a provider of web-based transportation management software (TMS) for freight brokers, announced the release of its Inbound Document Portal (IDP), a web-based application that facilitates the administration of receiving documents.

“The IDP makes handling inbound documents faster and easier than ever,” said Tom Heine, CEO of Aljex. “You can look at a document once and be done with it.”

Via a dedicated email address, inbound documents automatically appear in the IDP where they are identified by a PRO#.  Using that PRO#, all relevant shipment information populates the screen, alongside all necessary functionality to perform freight bill auditing. With the document visible on the screen, carrier payments can be processed, customer invoices audited, and documents filed away.

The documents are filed in Aljex’s document imaging module, where documents are organized and stored in the cloud.  

“The traditional methods of receiving transportation documentation – email, regular mail, pictures on a smartphone – are time-consuming and inefficient,” said Heine. “With tight margins, it’s critical that transportation firms increase their efficiency to increase their bottom line.  The IDP allows you to manage your inbound documents more efficiently by aggregating all information and functionality you need in a single, seamless interface.”

The IDP is a free update to Aljex’s document imaging module.

Other recent additions to document imaging include the ability to store emails and images.  Also, when using document imaging in conjunction with Aljex’s e-billing feature, emails and images can be automatically attached to customer invoices.