WEX intros ClearView Advanced platform to save on wasteful fuel spend

The Exception Module in the WEX platform shows patterns in fuel transactions that indicate waste and fraud.The Exception Module in the WEX platform shows patterns in fuel transactions that indicate waste and fraud.

WEX Inc., a global provider of corporate payment systems, launched its ClearView Advanced platform during the NAFA 2017 Institute and Expo.

ClearView Essentials was originally unveiled in November 2015, which CCJ covered here. The first iteration brought to market a fleet analytics and benchmarking platform for fuel and vehicle data.

WEX says it worked with leading fleets throughout the U.S. to develop the next generation product, ClearView Advanced, that includes fuel price optimization algorithms as well as driver messaging to change behaviors and save on wasteful fuel spending.

ClearView Advanced was tested with fleet managers representing more than 45,000 vehicles over a 12-month period. While testing the new platform, WEX was able to change the poor purchasing decisions by more than 80 percent of drivers who received a targeted text message or email.

“ClearView Essentials is a powerful tool, but it was only a first step. ClearView Advanced turns insights into action.  It allows fleets to prompt drivers to take action — such as stopping the use of premium fuel, refilling at a less expensive stations, or taking care when entering odometer readings,” said Kurt Thearling, vice president of analytics at WEX. “Our goal is to help fleet managers leverage data, resulting in cost-effective and efficient operations.”

WEX says that ClearView Advanced enables fleet managers to:

  • Identify drivers who purchase expensive gasoline, violate company policies, commit theft, or otherwise make poor fuel purchasing decisions
  • Send automated messages to the identified drivers, encouraging them to change their behavior and come back into compliance with company policies
  • Track the behavior of messaged drivers to measure effectiveness, and follow-up with drivers who have not changed

“When we first started using ClearView, the results were dramatic.  We were able to immediately show savings and modify driver behavior,” said Ed Finnegan, office of fleet management, State of Georgia, and one of the fleet managers that tested the product.