FlowBelow adds trailer aero package, expands sales network

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Updated Oct 23, 2017

FlowBelow's Trailer AeroSlider systemFlowBelow has introduced its new Trailer AeroSlider system, an expansion of its portfolio of tractor aerodynamic devices. The new system complements existing trailer skirts, tails and other trailer aerodynamic devices to improve airflow around the trailer wheels. FlowBelow said testing of its current system yielded a 1.2 percent fuel efficiency improvement, and a second-generation of trailer aerodynamic devices to be produced in 2018 will offer an additional 2 to 3 percent fuel savings.

The Trailer AeroSlider mounts directly to and travels with the sliding trailer suspension and includes the FlowBelow’s quick-release system for trailer wheel covers in combination with a fairing between the trailer wheels and aerodynamic mudflaps.

“This is a different approach to [side skirts] that completely cover the trailer wheels,” said Josh Butler, FlowBelow CEO and founder. “This allows full visibility and access to the trailer wheels. It works in combination with most of the other devices that already are in the market.”

FlowBelow also announced its Elite Dealer Program, an aftermarket expansion of its OEM offerings that will allow dealers to offer all available options and configurations of FlowBelow products on new or used trucks sod as well as trucks already in service. Truck dealers in the program include Truck Country/Stoops, I-State Truck Center and Border International.