Trimble Transportation Mobility releases product updates

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Updated Nov 12, 2019
Photo courtesy of Trimble TransportationPhoto courtesy of Trimble Transportation

At Trimble’s third annual in.sight user conference and expo, a number of announcements came from its Transportation Mobility division that has become the new branding for the PeopleNet product line.

Along with new branding, PeopleNet users have a new self-service portal, Connected Fleet Central, that replaces their PeopleNet Fleet Manager user interface. The upgrade includes new IT infrastructure, schemes and increased security and stability, said Bryan Coyne, general manager of Trimble Transportation Mobility.

Fleets can make the conversion to the new interface on their own timeframe.

The Transportation Mobility division is also developing an open architecture for its in-cab and mobile Android device platforms to support fleets that want to build driver applications and run third-party applications in a secure and controlled enterprise environment using a standard set of APIs.

Fleet customers will be able to choose the Trimble services and applications they use, he said, and run integrated third-party apps.

“This is transformational for us,” Coyne said.

Trimble’s Video Intelligence platform has a new Intelliview feature that uses priority filters for Onboard Event Recordings (OER)-triggered events as well as triggered events from headway, collision avoidance and collision mitigation technologies.

The Intelliview feature uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to detect patterns of risk with repeatable results. The algorithms are currently being tested and validated by customers operating a total of 20,000 power units, said Jim Angel, vice president of Video Intelligence Solutions.

Intelliview categorizes the event videos as primary or secondary risks. The most critical primary risk video clips are brought to the forefront so that fleets can take immediate action.

The platform can use forward, side and rear-facing cameras for a 360-degree view of a vehicle. The video is triggered by company-controlled settings.

Thomas Fansler, president of Trimble Transportation MobilityThomas Fansler, president of Trimble Transportation Mobility

A new HD camera is available with 720p HD resolution with twice the shutter speed and captures video at three times the pixel quality of previous cameras available for Video Intelligence. The new HD DVR is equipped with a 4G LTE modem and captures video at HD resolution.

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Peterbilt Motors Company will offer the PeopleNet app fully integrated into its SmartNav display. The integration will eliminate the need for PeopleNet users to wire and install a secondary device.

The integration, available in November 2018, includes an ethernet connection for enhanced data security and the ability to use the app for electronic logging device functionality and fleet management systems.

“Removing the need for a secondary device to handle fleet management and logging device functionality improves cab ergonomics and is a testament to Peterbilt’s dedication to the driver,” said Kim Lawton, Peterbilt’s medium duty and technology marketing manager.

PeopleNet and Trimble have been partnered with Peterbilt for the past four years to deliver factory-fit solutions, explained Garland Jackson, senior vice president and general manager, OEMs/Channels for Trimble’s Transportation Mobility Division.

The CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation app for Android can now be updated over the air via Wi-Fi to simplify map updates.

“Providing drivers with the latest navigation data is crucial to ensure on-time deliveries, reduce out of route miles and improve fuel economy across an entire fleet,” Coyne said.

The CoPilot Truck app provides route planning and offline navigation.

Trimble debuted a Trimble Smart Delivery system for fleets with final-mile operations. The new software combines electronic proof of delivery with routing and fleet mobility technology. Trimble says the software provides real time activity data, single sign on capabilities and gives the driver a more seamless workflow for daily route planning and tracking, hours of service compliance and out-of-cab workflows.