Samsara adds AI Dash Camera to fleet platform

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Updated Feb 12, 2019
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Samsara added a new AI Dash Camera to its technology platform that includes tools for driver safety, fleet management, and compliance.

In addition to capturing video when associated with a harsh event like aggressive braking or cornering, Samsara’s new cameras use computer vision to interpret road scenes, detect rolling stops, read speed limits, and identify dangerous driving behaviors such as distraction or tailgating.

Using real-time processing, Samsara says the AI Dash Camera technology distills video footage into the most critical events, and gives proactive alerts to drivers in the cab, along with providing fleet managers instant information to help coach drivers.

“These new cameras will allow us to be more proactive with regards to overall fleet safety,” said Whitney Pence of Northwest Cranes, an Oklahoma-based transportation and logistics company who uses Samsara to manage its 300-vehicle fleet. “We will be able to better identify areas for driver coaching and additional training to ensure safety in all aspects of our jobs.”

Recent advancements in embedded artificial intelligence, Samsara says, make the new technology easy to use and affordable.

“Our mission is to solve the tough problems our customers face no matter the size of their fleet,” said Saleh Elhattab, Samsara’s safety product group manager. “With the new dash cam, we’ve applied cutting-edge AI developments to the challenge of improving fleet safety while still keeping the tech accessible.”

As part of the announcement, the company says it plans to develop additional AI-driven features and release them to customers as over-the-air software upgrades at no additional cost, and will double its engineering teams in San Francisco, Atlanta, and London over the coming year. The new AI Dash Cams ship to customers starting February 2019. To learn more or request a free trial visit