Mitchell 1 enhances TruckSeries software

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Updated Mar 18, 2019

Mitchell 1's TruckSeries web-based truck repair softwareMitchell 1’s TruckSeries web-based truck repair software was boosted this week with the introduction of 1Search Plus.

Formally announced Sunday during a press conference at the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Mitchell 1 Commercial Vehicle Group Business Manager Kristi LaPage says 1Search Plus is designed to consolidate and streamline how technicians access information within the TruckSeries product.

“Our goal is to make every shop the most profitable business it can be,” she says. “We don’t want technicians wasting any excess time looking for information.”

LaPage says 1Search Plus works using advanced search technology. Technicians input diagnostic codes, symptoms or components and the tool scans the vast database of Mitchell 1 content and returns only the specific information the technician needs to make the necessary diagnosis and repair. Content is sorted into nearly a dozen categories, including vehicle specs, component location, component operation, wiring diagrams, after repair info, and more. LaPage adds the intuitive, easy-to-navigate tool only populates if there is relevant information, so technicians only see information for the results they need.

“We’re confident this latest enhancement to our repair software will get trucks back on the road sooner, which is the goal of every commercial vehicle operator,” says LaPage.

Additionally, LaPage adds TruckSeries also has introduced a Top Lookup tool that displays the most common issues for any vehicle make and model, as well as a Quick Links tool that can be accessed using make and model differentiation.