TIA updates carrier selection framework for brokers

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Updated Apr 15, 2019

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) released a new version of its CSA-Carrier Selection Framework that assists TIA members with choosing motor carriers to haul freight from their shipper customers.

The new 2019 update of the TIA CSA-Carrier Selection Framework was led by a subcommittee chaired by Jeff Tucker, chief executive of Tucker Company Worldwide and former chairman of the TIA Board of Directors. The committee focused on the latest status of the CSA Reform contained within the FAST Act.

The CSA initiative is going through a potential overhaul with many potential changes on the way, including how CSA scores are calculated and the role of publicly displayed data.

“On behalf of the 3PLs, forwarders, shippers and the insurance companies who desire quantitative data to make decisions about carriers, TIA is pleased to continue leading the dialog in carrier selection,” Tucker said.

The Subcommittee included language on the new California state law that will hold transportation intermediaries jointly and severally liable for contracting with port drayage motor carriers who have unsatisfied judgments regarding unpaid wages, damages, expenses, penalties and workers’ compensation liability.

“TIA remains focused on helping our members navigate the complexities of carrier selection, and the Carrier Selection Framework is the key piece in this puzzle. I appreciate all the hard work of the Subcommittee and Chairman Tucker on continuing to refine this framework and provide our membership with the latest information and findings,” stated Chris Burroughs, TIA vice president of government affairs.