Mack makes battery refresher standard, announces new grille for Pinnacle

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Mack Trucks' Battery Refresher StandardMack Trucks recently made several announcements, including making a battery refresher standard on all models and revealing a new grille for Pinnacle.

To maximize uptime and significantly extend the life of electrical charging system components, Mack Trucks is making a battery refresher standard on all Mack models. The battery refresher helps reduce and reverse the effects of sulfation, giving lead-acid batteries longer life and superior performance, the company says.

“Sulfation is one of the top causes of lead-acid battery failure,” says Roy Horton, Mack Trucks director of product strategy. “With the addition of the refresher, we can increase the life of a battery by up to two times and help prevent unplanned no-starts.”

Sulfation occurs when sulfate crystals, a byproduct of normal battery operation, build up on the battery’s lead plates. As more sulfate crystals build up, the battery loses its ability to accept energy and reach a full charge, shortening its life.

The refresher emits high-frequency pulses of energy to remove the sulfate crystals and enable the batteries to once again accept a full charge, resulting in significantly improved life and performance, Mack says. In addition, fully charged batteries reduce the wear and tear experienced by other electrical system components, such as the alternator and starter, helping extend their service life.

The battery refresher becomes standard on all Mack models beginning in the second quarter of 2019.

Echoing the design of the Mack Anthem, an all-new grille for the Mack Pinnacle model will begin production later this year.

Mack says the axle-forward Pinnacle model combines classic styling with legendary Mack durability and toughness and is available in daycab and sleeper configurations.

Inside, Mack’s driver-focused interior puts commonly used controls at drivers’ fingertips. On the outside, the Pinnacle features all-LED exterior lighting, including long-lasting LED headlights, which are 66 percent brighter, yet more energy efficient, the company says.