Mack Trucks debuts connected vehicle service, expands Noregon partnership

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Mack Trucks last week introduced a connected vehicle service focused on proactive vehicle maintenance planning and fleet operations efficiency. Mack’s dynamic maintenance service further expands the partnership with Noregon, an IoT company specializing in connected vehicle solutions. Mack’s unique approach utilizes the Noregon platform to enhance the dealer user interface and brings the decision-making process closer to the customer through the dealer, Mack says.

“Mack is focused on providing customers options to improve their total cost of ownership through connected vehicle services. Enhancing maintenance planning utilizing existing vehicle telematics and data analytics is yet another way in which we accomplish this,” says David Pardue, Mack Trucks vice president, connected vehicle and contract services.

“Vehicle technology and data provide us the capability to ‘customize’ planning so that it’s specific to a vehicle and its operation. This enables customers to optimize planned downtime,” Pardue said.

Dynamic maintenance leverages data intelligence from vehicle data analytics, combined with enhanced software features from Mack GuardDog Connect telematics, the Noregon platform, and Mack’s ASIST service communications process to more accurately reflect planned maintenance needs and replace traditional ‘set mileage scheduled’ plans, the company says.

Currently, dynamic maintenance is targeted to powertrain-related maintenance services.

“This is just another step forward in our connected technology journey and will help our dealers prepare for changing and future vehicle maintenance opportunities,” Pardue said.