Brake check

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Updated Sep 23, 2019

Bendix is synonymous with brakes and remains driven to increase its green profile.

The Ohio-based company reports that more than 500,000 commercial vehicle air dryer spin-on cartridges containing about a million total pounds of desiccant are thrown out across North America each year. Bendix can recycle this desiccant and combine it with new desiccant for its GCTM Spin-On Air Dryer Cartridge, the only dryer that offers reprocessed desiccant.

“We’ve been remanufacturing our desiccant for over 20 years and continue to improve and invest in the process,” said Richard Nagel, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions, Air Charging. “The Bendix GC reflects this, with a performance range that’s near the air drying efficiency of our brand-new, OEM-grade cartridges. In fact, our proprietary remanufactured desiccant mix is often better in the long run than the new desiccant found in most comparable aftermarket cartridges.”

Bendix’s sustainability efforts also include a program that diverts used brake linings from landfill disposal and increased recycling opportunities at all its facilities.