International boosts aero for on-highway trucks, rolls out new fleet service communications platform

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Updated Oct 29, 2019

International Truck, at the NACV Show in Atlanta on Monday, announced several updates to its on-highway lineup for the 2020 model year aimed at boosting fuel efficiency and uptime.

International’s LT and RH Series will see aerodynamic, powertrain and software upgrades that can increase fuel efficiency up to 8.2% in LT Series when comparing a fully equipped 2020 model to a unit built just one year earlier.

Aerodynamic advances offered for 2020 include an enhanced roof fairing; day cab extenders that are 12-inches longer, closing the tractor-trailer gap; sleeper cab extenders that are 3-inches longer, reducing the tractor-trailer gap; steering wheel closeouts around the front tires; longer damage resistant chassis skirt Vidon strips; new cab-to-skirt closeouts to further reduce wind drag; 1-inch lower bumper valence and Flow Below 2.0 design, optimized for the International LT Series.

“Keeping the airflow attached to the vehicle can result in smoother airflow around the vehicle, reducing turbulence that can increase drag and decrease fuel efficiency,” said Chet Ciesielski, Navistar’s on-highway business vice president.

For the coming model year, International will also make available Cummins’ updated X15, which yields 2.8% better fuel efficiency over earlier versions of the Cummins X15.

Predictive Cruise Control will be standard on the 2020 LT Series, the RH Series and the International LoneStar. The system allows drivers to set an average cruise speed and define an allowable under- and over-speed range. The vehicle will then use topographical mapping data with the onboard GPS to adjust vehicle speed for maximum fuel efficiency and reduced foundation brake wear.

With Predictive Cruise Control enabled, Navistar says fleets using using the International A26 engine can expect an average of 2% savings in fuel efficiency, based on a 50/50 mix of flat and hilly terrain.

“Expert drivers save fuel by managing the vehicle’s speed, engine load and vehicle weight, as well as the road grade,” Ciesielski said. “With Predictive Cruise Control, drivers gain valuable assistance in managing these factors for improved fuel efficiency.”

International LT and International RH Series trucks now in production, spec’d with an A26 engine, will also feature the capability to make remote cellular over-the-air updates to authorized engine calibrations and programmable parameters.

Navistar has launches International 360

Friedrich Baumann, Navistar’s president of aftersales, showcases International 360’s web interface.Friedrich Baumann, Navistar’s president of aftersales, showcases International 360’s web interface.

Also Monday, Navistar unveiled its International 360 platform in an effort to streamline service communications between fleet customers and their dealers.

International 360 provides realtime service status updates delivered through a portal, email or integrated third-party system, along with a complete VIN-based service history and complete communication history for each repair order.

“It combines six platforms into one digital interface,” said said Friedrich Baumann, Navistar’s president of aftersales, “and it integrates with 20-plus telematics providers.”

Compatible with all makes and all models – including trailers – International 360 simplifies how customers manage their fleet, and custom APIs help carriers integrate International 360 data and communication streams into existing fleet management systems. VIN-level data from these systems and other sources feeds into a single unified source, accessed with one username and password via smartphone, tablet or computer, using any major browser.

“International 360 centralizes all communication between the dealership and the fleet during the repair process, and shows the vehicle status in realtime,” Baumann added. “It supports faster truck triage and eliminates waste in the service process.”

Integration with OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics provides visibility to fault details and recommended repair plans, helping prioritize when and where vehicles are serviced. Meanwhile, access to the estimated time of completion allows fleets to better plan for vehicle pickup.

International 360 accommodates online service requests, communications, estimate approvals and more. Integrated parts inventory data helps fleets identify which dealer has the needed parts on hand and customer profiles ensure the entire service network knows the unique service expectations of every fleet.

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