DriverReach creates automated ‘drip’ recruiting tool

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Forty percent of Veriha Trucking’s front office staff, 47 percent of the shop personnel and nearly 30 percent of its drivers are millennial. “They are looking for passion, purpose and bliss,” says Karen Smerchek, the company’s president.

DriverReach released an automated email marketing drip campaign tool for its mobile-enabled applicant tracking system for hiring CDL drivers. The new tool, Cadence, can be paired with any tier of DriverReach’s subscription services.Filler Photo Bigger 2018 04 20 10 13

Through March 31st, DriverReach said that customers have special pricing of $250 per month for unlimited campaigns.

“Manually sending email campaign communications to driver candidates is incredibly burdensome and painstaking,” said DriverReach CEO Jeremy Reymer. “This pain point is why we truly believe Cadence will be a game-changer for recruiters.”

Sending emails manually allows for human error when trying to cultivate interest from prospective driver employees, the company said. Cadence is designed to create impactful conversations with potential drivers, and give fleet users reports that show click-through-rates, opens and other engagement metrics for specific emails.

The reports help users learn what works for a particular audience to optimize future campaigns.

“Cadence makes sure we effectively communicate with drivers, so no driver is left behind,” said April Ray, chief marketing officer of Contracted Driver Services. “We have used the automation of drip campaigns and auto-responders to guide drivers through a self-service hiring process. Since implementing Cadence, our recruiters are able to effectively use their time to help the drivers that need it most.”