Thousands of truck and trailer assets from defunct Celadon head to Ritchie Bros. auction

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Their list has more than doubled in two days.

This week, Ritchie Bros. will begin auctioning off truck equipment from defunct Celadon Group (No. 41 in the CCJ Top 250), which closed its doors in December after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Since announcing the liquidation last week, Ritchie Bros. has been busy adding Celadon trucks and trailers on its website, which quickly grew from 487 items on Wednesday to 1,048 items by late Friday. The current line-up includes model year 2015-2018 tractors.

Zac Dalton, Ritchie Bros. director of finance, said he anticipates most of this equipment will be sold through Ritchie Bros.’  unreserved public auctions in the United States and Canada next month.

“All items sold at public auction will be sold without any minimum bids or reserve prices,” he said. More information about what assets will be selling where will be available in the coming weeks on Ritchie Bros. website, he says.

Celadon equipment will begin selling Wednesday, Feb. 26 at Ritchie Bros.’ Phoenix auction. Other auctions will follow in Denver, Colo. on Mar. 4; Fort Worth, Texas on Mar. 10; Las Vegas, Nev. on Mar. 12; Columbus, Ohio on Mar. 17; Sacramento, Calif. on Mar. 18; Chicago, Ill. on Mar. 19; Chehalis, Wash., on Mar. 26; Nashville, Tenn. on Mar. 20; North East, MD on Mar. 24 and Atlanta, Ga. on Mar. 27.

Prospective buyers can begin online bidding now through the company’s new PriorityBid service. Similar to bidding online through eBay, competitive bids will be made at preset increments. Customers can increase their PriorityBid if it is surpassed by another bid during the auction. PriorityBidders automatically win tying bids.

“We’ve always been able to accommodate customers who want to place bids that can’t be there,” said Jake Lawson, senior vice-president at Ritchie Bros. “Priority bidding is the next evolution of that.”