Real-time meeting tool arrives at critical moment for carriers

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Updated Mar 24, 2020
LumaLive is a real-time meeting tool for driver training with LMS integration.LumaLive is a real-time meeting tool for driver training with LMS integration.

On Monday morning, March 16, “we all woke up to a new normal,” said Gina Anderson, Ed.D., Luma’s CEO and Co-Founder.

“We started getting urgent calls from clients. Effective immediately, some clients were ceasing all in-person interactions with drivers. Faced with this new reality, they still needed a way to conduct orientation and ongoing safety meetings without bringing drivers on site.”

Luma had been working late last year on a solution called LumaLive. It had been in beta testing and was now ready to go.

The escalating coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made it difficult for some fleets to conduct face-to-face meetings with drivers for orientation and training. Instructional design and learning company, Luma “Brighter Learning” is announcing a new video conferencing tool for carriers to remotely train drivers in a virtual classroom setting.

“There has always been the opportunity with technology to take the physical classroom online,” said Dr. Anderson. “It is just that now with this pandemic, our clients are faced with not having access to a physical classroom. So, they’ve asked me, ‘what can we do?’”

Businesses can choose from a variety of video-conferencing tools, but only LumaLive has the advantage of being integrated with Luma’s Learning Management System (LMS), Dr. Anderson said.

“We are here to help our clients by giving them a tool to conduct driver orientation and other important meetings in a live setting,” said Dr. Anderson. “Motor carriers who are unable at this time to meet face-to-face can now turn on LumaLive and engage remotely.”

With LumaLive, administrators can schedule meetings, track driver participation, and assign recorded training sessions to those who were not present. Users can access live and recorded training sessions when they login to the LMS.

During a live meeting, instructors can share their screens as well as give permissions to other administrators and participants to be presenters and moderators. Additional features of LumaLive include chat, a whiteboard, online polling, and shared note taking that create a virtual classroom experience.

LumaLive is included in Luma’s LMS at no additional cost as part of a fleet’s monthly subscription. DRIVE FIRST comes with a collection of over 400 interactive and customizable training modules, called eNuggets, that cover relevant safety, wellness, compliance and orientation topics.

Drivers can complete the eNuggets online at their own pace, using various media — text, images, audio, simulations and video — that cater to their unique learning preferences.

With LumaLive, online training meetings can utilize eNuggets. Fleet managers can assign modules to drivers beforehand to help them come prepared, Anderson said. During a live meeting, an instructor can also share media from an eNugget on the screen and have drivers complete an assessment and view their live results.

Every Friday, Luma publishes a blog on its website with a Luma Learning Strategy. The lessons have ideas for online and/or blended training that use eNuggets and flip the classroom experience. With LumaLive, the classroom portion of the training can now be done remotely.

“There is a lot of flexibility in how carriers can use LumaLive,” Dr. Anderson said. “Generally, companies will use the tool as a bridge to connect with drivers face-to-face through video and walk through important topics together.”