New Samsara report helps fleets build case for electrification

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Updated May 21, 2020
Samsara released a new Fleet Electrification Report to help businesses make a business case for light duty vehicles.Samsara released a new Fleet Electrification Report to help businesses make a business case for light duty vehicles.

Samsara, an ELD and mobile fleet management technology provider, has a new online Fleet Electrification Report tool and electric vehicle (EV) Consulting services that it is offering to help with crafting EV strategies.

Samsara also shared results from a survey it completed recently with Wakefield Research that had more than 300 fleet manager respondents.

According to the survey, economic uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has not derailed the shift to electric in the long term. Ninety percent of fleets believe EVs are the inevitable future, and 82% expect their businesses to be at least a quarter electric within 10 years.

Those fleets who have already invested in EVs indicated they have a more economic resilient fleet, with 96% reporting they feel prepared to weather a recession, compared to 72% of non-EV fleet owners.

Reducing environmental footprint is another important consideration for fleets who are looking to adopting EVs (37%), but they put bottom-line benefits like reducing fuel spend (44%) and maintenance costs (44%) higher.

The new reporting tool that Samsara released provides a consolidated analysis of light-duty vehicles in a fleet that are the best candidates to be replaced with EVs.

The Fleet Electrification Report compares the vehicles across a fleet and grades them on suitability characterizing them by: okay, good, or excellent candidates for electrification.

Samsara notes the report could help fleets present a business case for EVs to senior leadership that survey results show have hesitations. Seventy one percent of respondents reported that company leadership/management had concerns or hesitations about moving to EVs, while just 41% of fleet managers had concerns.

Meanwhile, 92% of fleets say their confidence in running their fleet is directly related to how much information they can monitor across all their vehicles.

Samsara uses six criteria for your light-duty vehicles to determine whether or not a vehicle is a good candidate for electrification: 1) vehicle age, 2) avg. fuel efficiency, 3) avg. daily range, 4) max range, 5) est. annual fuel savings, and 6) est. annual emissions saved.