Kelly offers steer tire

Updated Feb 2, 2010

Kelly TireKelly Tires’ Armorsteel KLS steer tire is designed to offer uniform wear and long miles to removal and is offered in 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5 sizes. The KLS features an 18/32-inch tread depth in a five-rib design with a barrel-shaped footprint to optimize treadwear performance. Lateral sipes and slots on the three main ribs help provide added traction and handling. All five ribs feature edge blades to help enhance treadwear performance, and to help promote uniform wear and long life, a pressure distribution groove is located on the outer edge of the shoulder rib. The KLS also is highly retreadable, thanks to a four-belt package that helps lower overall lifecycle costs.

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