J.J. Keller introduces forklift training program

Updated Mar 3, 2010

J.J. Keller forklift trainingDesigned to involve forklift operators and address the training needs of operators with different levels of experience, J.J. Keller’s Forklift Workshop is a workshop-style training program to help trainers conduct effective hands-on forklift safety training, plus fulfill the classroom training requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s 29 CFR Section 1910.178(l).

The Forklift Workshop is designed to help trainers:
• Satisfy OSHA’s formal instruction and practical training requirements;
• Incorporate hands-on training to reinforce key concepts;
• Provide training at all levels, from easy to moderate to challenging; and
• Control costs through accident prevention.
In the workshop format, operators will watch a video presentation demonstrating proper forklift safety techniques in action. It covers forklift basics, inspections, picking up a load, traveling with a load, placing a load, parking, charging and refueling, maintenance and modifications, and working in a truck, trailer or railcar.

Trainers will be able to reinforce learning using the Trainer Tools CD-ROM containing workshop-style elements that offer vital activity-based training, including:
• Practice tools, problem-solving activities and knowledge-based challenges that engage trainees and help them absorb and retain the material;
• Training exercises and learning activities intended for use in the classroom and the actual work environment, ranging from easy to moderate to challenging so that trainers can mix and match; and
• A PowerPoint presentation, FAQs, additional quizzes and answer keys, and situational narratives that challenge trainees to identify solutions to real-world situations, plus clip art, posters and a training log.

A Trainer’s Guide, Operator’s Handbook, wallet cards, awareness poster and sample forms round out the program. A preview of the video will be available online at jjkeller.com/28721. The Spanish version will be available in May.