Grote designs infrared motion-activated dome lamp for reefers

Grote 61 F61

Grote Industries’ 61F61 Infrared Motion-Activated Dome Lamp was designed specifically with the challenges of the reefer environment in mind. The company worked with refrigerated carriers to develop and field-test the lamp’s rugged sealed-sensor design that blocks moisture – even during extensive spray testing – and eliminates on-off switches. The 61F61’s passive infrared motion sensor is calibrated to recognize the human heat signature and activate the lamp when a person moves within six feet; the lamp remains on while activity is detected and stays on for three minutes following the last human motion.

The energy-efficient 800-lumen 61F61 is designed to extend a vehicle’s battery life by reducing its exposure to power draws during prolonged stops, making it a suitable choice for users that make daily multiple stops. Shifting loads and falling objects will not activate the motion sensor, and the 61F61 is engineered to operate in the brutal temperatures of the reefer environment; the lamp is made with a durable aluminum housing, a tough replaceable acrylic lens and a self-resetting internal cut-off switch to protect against excessive current.