Grote designs new Trilliant 36 LED for corrosive environments

Grote Trilliant 36 Led White Light Conversion Bulb

Grote Industries designed the latest version of its Trilliant 36 LED WhiteLight Conversion Bulb specifically to operate in adverse conditions where sodium chloride, high humidity and other corrosive elements wreak havoc on most PAR 36 incandescent work lamps. The new design – suited for applications such as salt spreading, bulk transporting and food and chemical processing – includes a more robust, sealed Packard Metripack 150 connector that helps resist moisture and chemical intrusion. The female receptacle on the back of the lamp also accommodates the AMP Superseal connector style.

The conversion bulb is designed to snap easily into any standard PAR 36 housing; by changing out the bulb and wiring the pigtail, users can upgrade an existing incandescent or halogen lamp, transforming it into a 900-lumen LED WhiteLight lamp designed to last longer and shine brighter than a traditional PAR 36 bulb, while requiring half the power. The lamp is suited for applications that require it to be mounted low or close to potential contaminants. The bulb, rated for a service life of 40,000 hours, is manufactured with rugged UV hard-coated polycarbonate lenses that can be replaced if damaged; the lenses are interchanged easily, and conversion from a wide flood to Grote’s TractorPlus lens can be accomplished within moments.