TRP launches innerspring, foam mattresses

Trp Innerspring Mattress

TRP Aftermarket Parts’ premium high-density innerspring and foam mattresses for sleeper bunks feature a high thread count and a three-layer quilted design that resists tearing. The innerspring mattress, suited for team drivers, is 7 inches thick and features a design that limits horizontal motion, which minimizes friction in the springs and reduces motion and noise; the quality of the innerspring construction means longer wear, and a straight cut foam topper over the top and bottom of the mattress provides an added layer of comfort. The 5-inch-thick foam mattress features premium high-density foam that offers full body support.

The innerspring mattresses are available in 25-by-79-inch or 31-by-79-inch sizes; for larger requirements, the mattress is available in 26-by-80-inch, 31-by-80-inch, 38-by-80-inch, 39-by-80-inch or 42-by-80-inch sizes. The foam mattress is available in a 31-by-79-inch or 35-by-79-inch size and also in 36-by-80-inch, 38-by-80-inch, 39-by-80-inch or 42-by-80-inch sizes. Both the innerspring and foam mattresses come delivered in “tight roll” packages that enable them to be transported and installed easily.