Solv-Tec says K-Seal HD permanently repairs coolant leaks

Updated Aug 19, 2010

K Seal Solv Tec 16oz Bottle1

Solv-Tec’s K-Seal HD is formulated to make permanent repairs to cooling systems on all trucks and tractors, as well as industrial, AG, RV and larger-capacity engines. K-Seal is made to stop most leaks in the block, head, radiator, heater matrix, freeze plugs and the head gasket without blocking or damaging the cooling system. The ceramic/copper formula can be mixed with all types of antifreeze.

To use, shake the bottle and add the contents to the engine coolant; once the product has entered the cooling system, it makes a ceramic repair within minutes after the engine reaches working temperature. One 16-ounce bottle treats cooling systems up to 50-quart capacity; larger systems may require two bottles. K-Seal will not block or damage the cooling system.