Cobra debuts 7-inch Platinum navigation system

Updated Aug 25, 2010

Cobra 7750 Platinum 7 Inch Navigation Unit

Cobra Electronics’ 7750 Platinum, a 7-inch navigation unit designed specifically for professional drivers, features enhanced graphics, Junction View with Lane Assist, State Mileage Log and Hours-of-Service Log, in addition to last-mile routing to offer added road coverage on secondary highways. Enhanced graphics and menu options provide added visibility in sunlight and optimized efficiency when scrolling through searches and settings of the unit, while Quick-Tabs allow drivers to see critical information such as the distances to weigh stations, travel centers, rest areas and mile markers at a glance. Junction View with Lane Assist provides drivers with 3D images of upcoming highway junctions as well as lane guidance and enhanced turn-by-turn directions, while the State Mileage Log tracks miles within a state for IFTA reporting and the Hours-of-Service Log enables drivers to track on-duty, off-duty and driving time.

The 7750 Platinum includes 33,000 ProMiles Software and TruckDown Info International truck-specific points of interest (POIs), such as routable travel center locations, detailed amenity information, fueling stations, restaurants, heavy-duty towing, truck and trailer repair shops, truck-friendly hotels, weigh stations and certified scales. It also features more than 12 million standard Tele Atlas POIs and branded icons, which visually represent participating businesses as instantly recognizable logos so users can identify specific brands of interest more accurately.