Snap-on touts air ratchets

Snap On

Snap-on’s 3/8-inch drive air ratchets (FAR72C and FAR7200) deliver 65 ft.-lbs. at 225 rpm and have “stop lock” pins to help prevent ratchet pawl lockup, with dual pawls for smoother operation and performance. Steel wear bushings help prevent ratchet head wear, while a variable speed trigger provides added comfort and control. A zerk fitting in the selector knob allows ratchet head lubrication for longer tool life, while a tip valve-style trigger provides featherability and versatility.

The FAR7200 also features a muffler bypass that allows the tool to be used in quiet mode (50 ft.-lbs. at 200 rpm) or full power (70 ft.-lbs. at 260 rpm), as well as a cushion-grip handle for added comfort and control.