Bar’s Leaks pours power steering fluid

Updated Nov 2, 2010

Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak is formulated to prevent wear, inhibit corrosion, prolong fluid life, prevent leaks and seal existing leaks in pumps, rack and pinion units and gearboxes. The power steering fluid contains a blend of lubricity and anti-wear agents that chemically bond to metal surfaces to help prevent metal-to-metal contact, reducing wear and extending pump life. It also includes corrosion inhibitors, seal conditioners and antioxidants that help stop chatter and maintain smooth steering, while helping to quiet noisy power steering pumps.

The stop-leak product is compatible with all petroleum-based mineral oil and synthetic power steering fluids in any domestic, import and heavy-duty application, and can be used to top off the power steering fluid level whenever needed; one 12-ounce bottle treats two to three quarts of fluid.