Ametek spotlights light bar message system

Updated Oct 31, 2010


Ametek has added the C-COM LMC (CAN-Communicator Lightbar Message Center) to its NGI vehicular instrumentation system. The message center – which can be used independently as part of the C-COM advanced instrumentation system or as a replacement for the NGI lightbar message center – has a large easy-to-read graphics display that provides real-time data information, diagnostics, fault codes, user setup features and maintenance requirements.

The message center collects data from the vehicle’s J1939 serial communications data bus, from discrete switches and from analog inputs; one of its J1939 CAN inputs can be used as a J1587 data bus input to drive NGI gauges or data bus communications. The message center’s user-friendly interface features a full-graphic backlit LCD, three menu navigation switches and a three-button navigation menu, as well as prompts for setup, self-tests and diagnostics.

The C-COM LMC, developed to withstand harsh conditions typical of offroad environments, is sealed to IP67 specifications both front and rear, and meets or exceeds SAE J1455-1904-08 requirements for vehicular instrumentation.