Snap-on touts heavy-duty torque/angle wrench

Snap On

Snap-on’s Heavy Duty TechAngle Torque and Angle Wrench (ATECH4R600) is designed to eliminate the need for angle gauges and protractors and provide an accurate, efficient way to achieve torque plus OEM-specified angle-tightening sequences. Features and benefits include:
• Digital readout that displays a torque setting and, with a push of a button, switches to the angle mode;
• Angle readout not affected by ratcheting;
• Angle calculation based on the same gyroscopic technology that maintains helicopters at level flight;
• Manual preset and automatic track, peak and first peak modes;
• Audible (tone) and tactile (vibrating handle) preset alerts;
• Comfortable nonslip grip handle;
• Sealed ratchet head; and
• Low battery indicator and auto shutoff after two minutes idle.