Hunter designs rotor lathe for heavy-duty brake service

Hunter Ocl430 Hd On Vehicle Rotor Lathe

Hunter’s OCL430HD rotor lathe is designed to improve medium- and heavy-duty service by machining the rotor on the vehicle. Hub-mounted service eliminates the need to disassemble the hub to remove the rotor; machining the rotor on the hub also helps reduce runout while providing a more precise cut, extending rotor life. The OCL430HD includes all of the operational features of Hunter’s OCL410 light-vehicle brake lathe, but is designed with more robust lathe components to help handle larger rotors. With a reinforced cutting arm and rugged tool holders, the OCL430HD is built to resurface rotors up to 17.5 inches in diameter and up to 3.5 inches in thickness. A 1.5-hp 230 VAC motor provides added torque.

The ServoDrive system is designed to allow technicians to vary the spindle speed and rotational torque of the lathe while in operation, allowing the technician to adjust the speed without compromising the final surface finish. Pro-Comp computerized compensation helps adjust for lateral runout with a push of a button and a single-point adjustment, allowing the technician to complete the machining of the rotor within OEM specifications. Hunter’s Anti-Chatter Technology is designed to help minimize machining problems by oscillating the speed of the lathe while machining the rotor to help prevent vibration buildup.