Grote gathers Roadside Lighting Repair Kit

Updated Mar 2, 2011

Grote Roadside Lighting Repair Kit

Grote Industries has compiled a portable Roadside Lighting Repair Kit to help truckers resolve unpredictable lighting and wiring failures that occur in the field. The kit contains 23 of the most practical commonly-used mission-critical lighting components found in today’s commercial vehicles, as well as everything a driver needs to make a field repair and make it back to the hub or to the nearest service center. The kit is flexible, lightweight and made of rugged nylon. Even fully loaded, it measures 11 inches long, 8 inches tall and 7 inches deep, and can be stowed behind a seat, under a console and in other tight spaces.

The kit comes with 12 lamps, four styles of pigtails, three unique grommets, two unique brackets, conspicuity tape and a selection of 14-gauge butt connectors. The kit also includes a selection of zip tie fasteners to help stabilize any field repair. There’s also room to add a selection of additional parts and tools. The kit also provides an inventory sheet with part numbers and color images to help keep track of content usage and replenishment.