Minimizer enhances fender product line

Minimizer has introduced a variety of changes to its fender product line. The company has updated its tanker fender and released a new composite fender bracket, custom paintable fender and liquid platinum painting product.

The tanker fender now comes with a deeper “lip” to help provide added control of water spray and rocks. It also comes with poly brackets that help soften road vibration and are available in a diamond-plated version with a liquid platinum cover or a paintable version. The bracket is made of 100 percent composite material and is designed to bend and spring back when pressured.

The custom paintable fenders have an adhesion promoter baked onto the fender that helps improve palatability for any color of paint. The fenders are made to provide a shine equal to fiberglass or metal and are available in most fender models.

The liquid platinum metal alternative is designed to provide the shine of metal without the risks of dents or rust. Liquid platinum fenders can be laminated with Class A finish film and do not need buffing; they wash clean and are said to never fade, rust or crack.