Clore offers Jump-N-Carry jump starter for service, fleet use

Updated Apr 13, 2011


Clore Automotive’s JNC1224 jump starter from Jump-N-Carry is suited for service and fleet environments where there is a mixture of 12V and 24V starting needs and where there is a continuous need for heavy-duty jump starting power. Powered by dual Clore Proformer batteries, the JNC1224 delivers 3400 peak amps (850 cranking amps) in 12V mode and 1700 peak amps (425 cranking amps) in 24V mode. Clore Proformer batteries are designed for vehicle jump-starting to deliver extremely high output repeatedly over a short “boost” duration without battery degradation.

The JNC1224 also features a built-in automatic charger that allows the unit to charge at a 24-hour 365-day rate. Its Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps penetrate corroded battery terminals, while its No. 2 AWG cable leads deliver maximum power transfer to the disabled vehicle. A battery volt gauge provides an accurate, detailed state of charge of its onboard batteries, while its heavy-duty impact-resistant case is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday professional use.