Rotary Lift goes wireless

Rotary Lift Wireless

Rotary Lift’s Wireless Mach 4 column lift is powered by batteries and communicates wirelessly, and is designed to be quick and easy to set up, operate, troubleshoot, retrofit and update. Technicians make one trip around the lift to turn it on and configure it, and then can operate the entire lift using the control panel on any of the columns. The panel features an intuitive graphic layout of the column setup, onboard diagnostics, LEDs and one-touch controls.

Wireless Mach 4 is available in sets of four or six columns; each column has a rated lifting capacity of 18,000 pounds and is powered by two deep-cycle marine batteries. The lift is designed to raise a vehicle 70 inches in 78 seconds; lifting and lowering of all columns is synchronized automatically.

Backup communication cables can be used in place of the wireless system with the flip of a switch; the system also can be retrofitted to existing Mach 4 mobile column lifts. The lift has locking mechanisms every three inches and a lower-to-lock function, and adjustable forks are designed to handle a wide range of wheels without adapter sleeves; optional extended forks are available for supporting inboard tires on dual-wheeled axles.