Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty WatchDog helps drivers drive better

Bully Dog

Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty WatchDog acts as a driving coach and provides instant visual and audio feedback if the driver is doing something that isn’t safe or fuel-efficient. An instantaneous score ranging from A to F is displayed via a digital gauge package, depending on how well the driver is doing.

The Heavy Duty WD also allows the speed limiter to be adjusted for situations when the driver enters a region where the speed limit is less than the limiter’s setting; after leaving the area, the driver can use the device to restore the limiter’s normal setting. The Heavy Duty WD also has the ability to read and erase trouble codes without having to visit an OEM dealer; if the trouble code is related to a major issue, a driver can determine the appropriate course of action.

The device can be integrated with GearMaster technology to help the driver keep track of what gear is needed for a particular situation, helping to increase the lifespan of transmissions and synchronizers. The Heavy Duty WD presently works with Cat, Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines, with other engines – including Volvo, Mercedes, Mack, Paccar and Navistar – in development.