Keep steel coils locked down with Coil Saver

Updated Jun 30, 2011

Coil SaverFlatbed-mounted steel coils can pose a number of safety risks. A new company called Coil Saver says it has developed a safe and economical way to secure steel coils during transportation.

Coil Saver is a securement device which allows the driver to chain the coil on the outside along with the typical way of chaining through the eye. This is a life saving device designed to prevent potential energy from transferring into kinetic energy during emergency stop situations. It is not the number of chains, but the placement of chains that makes the difference.

The company notes that metal coils can shift during transit and in some cases due to the large amount of kinetic energy generated during emergency braking situations, have broken loose from their chains. They have fallen off of trailers resulting in property damage, injuries and death. Coil Saver, the company says, has a 50 percent more retention strength versus the conventional binding methods.

Coil Saver will exhibit its new steel coil transportation technology at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. Or visit