Grote’s six-diode LED WhiteLight dome lamp for reefers

Grote 6 Diode Lit

Grote Industries designed its 61291 LED WhiteLight Recessed-Mount Dome Lamp as an alternative to fluorescent lamps in refrigerated environments to provide consistent operating performance and lighting quality in subzero temperatures.

The impact-resistant lamp has a 50,000-hour service rating and is constructed of a robust one-piece powder-coated aluminum housing with a removable polycarbonate lens. It has a built-in thermal protection device and operates at temperatures ranging from 122 degrees Fahrenheit to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lamp’s six high-output diodes generate about 1,000 lumens of light output, comparable to that of fluorescent lamps, but draw only about 63 percent of the amperage. The 61291, designed for easy installation, features a protected solid-state circuit board and, unlike a fluorescent lamp, has no ballast or bulb to fail.