Rotary updates inground lift

Updated Oct 19, 2011

Rotary Lift has added two saddle adapters and updated the control console for its MOD30 environmentally friendly inground lift. The two adapters are designed to provide greater vehicle clearance and flexibility for lifting a wider range of heavy-duty vehicles.

The MOD30 raises trucks for service using two or three hydraulic posts. Rotary Lift has developed a lower-profile version of its universal saddle adapter for the front post that offers the same reach as the standard saddle while providing greater clearance between the lift and the truck, making it easier to pick up vehicles with low ground clearance such as snowplows; the adapter can be retracted fully into the ground for zero obstructions when the lift is not in use.

For the lift’s rear post, fleets can choose between the standard universal saddle adapter or a new six-pack adapter featuring six receptacles that can hold multiple inserts that not only swivel 360 degrees but also slide left and right for added pick-up range.

The console’s graphical display has been improved to make it easier to match the screen image to the lift layout. The console access panels also have been redesigned so the units can be installed flush against a wall if desired.