Aerofficient offers aerodynamic fixed-side fairings

Updated Nov 9, 2011

Aerofficient Aerodynamic Fixed Side Fairings

Aerofficient’s aerodynamic fixed-side fairings are panels produced from an engineered injection-molded automotive-grade TPO material. The three-panel design consists of a top, middle and bottom panel that weighs about 100 pounds per side and features a hinged design that permits the fairing to clear a 24-inch-high obstruction. The bottom panel has a 180-degree swing and is able to bend inward 90 degrees as well as outward 90 degrees.

The attachment brackets are fabricated from engineered hot-dipped galvanized steel. The fairings can be installed on a fully loaded sealed trailer in one hour per side by two technicians using common tools. An optional landing gear wrap for refrigerated trailers is available to help shield reefer fuel tanks.