Hunter introduces RX16 scissor lift

Updated Nov 22, 2011

Hunter Rx16 Scissor Lift

Hunter’s RX16 scissor lift combines a space-saving low-profile design with added power and advanced features. The dual-capacity system offers the ground-clearance advantages of a standard-capacity lift to handle most vehicles, yet adds Hunter’s Power-Up feature to boost capacity up to 16,000 pounds if needed. Surface-mount installations offer a 76-inch maximum height and a low drive-on height of 9 inches, allowing clearance for vehicles with low ride height or low-hanging spoilers. The RX16 also can be installed in a shallow recess that sets the runways flush to the floor when fully lowered.

Hunter’s Hi-Speed feature has a two-stage hydraulic pump that controls the fast rise and descent and also slows the lift automatically during the last several inches of descent. Two 9,000-pound-capacity swing air jacks lift vehicles off runways during alignment procedures and other service operations. Stainless-steel turnplates come standard, with PowerSlide turnplates available.