ATA releases tire/wheel reference guide

Tmc Tire And Wheel

The American Trucking Associations has released a reference guide for tire and wheel maintenance. The pocket guide is designed for drivers, owner-operators and service providers who need to know about tires and wheels for heavy-duty trucks.

Created by ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council, the 36-page full-color guide features tire and wheel maintenance tips such as:
• Pre- and post-trip inspection guidelines;
• Why tire inflation is important;
• The effects of speed, load and improper inflation;
• When tires should be rotated;
• How to select a tire and wheel service provider;
• The benefits of retreads;
• What to look for in a quality repair;
• How to use tire chains;
• Why wheel lug nut torque is important;
• How to clean, polish and refinish wheels;
• The consequences of mismatched duals; and
• Total vehicle alignment.

The guide also includes a tread wear and depth “go” or “no-go” gauge that measures sidewall bulge height, maximum nail hole repair size and repairable area in tire crown.

The guide can be purchased at