Bridgestone rolls out M853 on-/off-highway radial

Updated Jul 17, 2012

Bridgestone M853

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations’ M853 is an on-/off-highway all-position radial for regional hauls built to combine wear resistance with extra load capacity to facilitate longer service on a variety of terrain such as asphalt, gravel and dirt; the design also protects the casing to help provide a longer-lasting retreadable tire. The M853 replaces the M850 and currently is available in two sizes, 11R22.5 and 11R24.5, both in a “H” load rating. A third size, 12R22.5 (“H” load rating), will be available later this year.

The tread’s enhanced pattern, designed with interlocking multiedge blocks, helps dig deeper for more solid traction on both worksites and highways; tie bars link tread blocks together to help combat heel-and-toe wear. A shoulder design helps combat irregular wear for longer tread life, and stone rejector platforms help repel stones that can damage casings. Four steel belts, a steel body ply and thick sidewalls that help protect the casing from worksite damage are designed for durability and retreadability.