Larson spotlights explosion-proof flashlight

Larson Magnalight com Le 217 Flashlight

Larson’s LE-217 explosion-proof flashlight is designed for heavy-duty use in hazardous locations. A polypropylene body, oversize faceted ABS reflector and unbreakable Tuflexx lens help provide strength for work and industrial applications. The waterproof impact-resistant body helps provide durability and protection from moisture, and an anti-roll tube design helps keep the light in place when set down on uneven surfaces.

The light is powered by two standard carbon zinc D-cell batteries and produces a 10,000-candlepower beam with a single PR-2 bulb; an integral circuit-breaking mechanism provides added protection. A slide switch provides on, off or flash operation, and a spare bulb is housed within an interior compartment for relamping convenience.